Our Dedicated Staff

Whether teaching or in the office, Holy Spirit Primary St Clair staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.


If you wish to speak with a member of staff please contact the school office on 8886 3200 between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm (on school days) or send us an email.

Holy Spirit Primary St Clair staff

Leadership Team

Principal Mrs Frances Garzaniti
Assistant Principal MrsBelinda Geelan
REC Mr Patrick Mackey
Early Stage 1 Coordinator MrsBelinda Geelan  (Assisted by Miss Mia McPhillips)
Stage 1 Coordinator Ms Danielle Gomez
Stage 2 Coordinator Mrs Samantha Barros
Stage 3 Coordinator Mr Patrick Mackey  (Assisted by Mrs Racquel Larnach)

Teaching Staff

Early Stage 1
Kindergarten KM Miss Mia McPhillips
Kindergarten KS Mrs Margaret Selby
Stage 1
Year 1 1G Miss Danielle Gomez
Year 1 1O Miss Emily O'Connor
Year 1 1T Miss Elizabeth Testa
Year 2 2G Miss Jessica Grant
Year 2 2C MissTram Cao
Stage 2
Year 3 3SB Mrs Samantha Barros
Year 3 3CB Mrs Cathy Blanch
Year 4 4D Mrs Katrina Daniel
Year 4 4C Mrs Debra Chapman
Stage 3
Year 5 5L Mrs Racquel Larnach
Year 5 5P Mrs Julie Pye
Year 6 6M Mr Patrick Mackey / Mrs Ilena Vaccari
Year 6 6B Mrs Kylie Baker / Mrs Ilena Vaccari

Administration Staff

Finance Secretary Mrs Kelly Nour
School Office Staff Mrs Jazz Vukelic / Mrs Lisa Antao

Diversity Team

Diversity Specialists Mrs Belinda Geelan / Mrs Bernadette Vumbaca
Wellbeing Counsellor Sr Cristina Ramada

Specialist Staff

Literacy Support Mrs Bernadette Vumbaca / Mrs Janelle Walker / Mrs Wendy Willoughby / Mr Clark Mangunay
Teacher-Librarian Mrs Maryjane Johnson
RFF (Music) Mr Glenn Green
RFF (PE) Dance Fever Staff
REC Release Mrs Ilena Vaccari
Co-ord Release Mrs Janelle Walker (1G) / Mrs Maryjane Johnson (3SB) / Mr Clark Mangunay (5L) / Mrs Kyla Aggar (KM)
Reading Recovery Mrs Jackie Thompson / Mrs Margaret Nielsen
R3 Specialists Ms Ashleigh May / Mrs Ilena Vaccari
EMU Specialists Mrs Margaret Neilsen
Professional Learning Release Mrs Wendy Willoughby / Mrs Kyla Aggar

Support Staff

Teachers Aides Mrs Maree Garzaniti / Mrs Susan Heaslip / Mrs Julie Wilson
Learning Tech Support Miss Danielle Gomez
Grounds & Maintenance Mr David Thompson

Parish Team

Parish Moderator Fr Michael Belonio OSA
Parish Secretary Mrs Jacinta Paolo-Ortiz
SRE Coordinator Mrs Margaret Currie