School Rules

Holy Spirit Primary School Rules

At Holy Spirit Primary School, everybody has the right to:

  • be safe and supported
  • be heard
  • be treated with dignity and respect
  • learn to play and have fun
  • be protected.


As a school community, we will work together to help each other grow and therefore, each of us has the responsibility to live our lives like Jesus, by:

  • communicating positively
  • respecting ourselves and others, and accepting responsibility for our behaviour
  • cooperating with each other
  • being fair and just
  • modelling appropriate positive behaviour
  • asking for help and support, when needed.

Holy Spirit St Clair School Rules

I am Respectful 

I can be “Respectful” by:

  • Being kind and polite in my words and actions
  • Treating all property with care; whether my own, school or other people’s
  • Taking responsibility for my actions.

I am Safe 

I can be “Safe” by:

  • Thinking first, about how my actions affect my safety as well as the safety of others
  • Making positive choices
  • Taking responsibility for my actions.

I am a Learner 

I can be “a Learner” by:

  • Listening to all the teachers
  • Trying my best and being a cooperative member of my learning community
  • Taking responsibility for my learning.