Creative Arts

Creative Arts aims to provide students with basic learning in the art forms through the subjects of Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance.

The Creative Arts syllabus is the basis of our Creative and Performing Arts Program and Many experiences provided lend themselves to integration across other Key Learning Areas.

The school has a specialist music teacher and choir, allowing students to express themselves through music and develop their talents in an encouraging environment. We offer opportunities to participate in the school choir, music, band, CAPTIVATE Strings programs, and drama. Students are also given opportunities to showcase what they have learnt.

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The curriculum is designed for students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in:

  • making and appreciating artworks
  • performing and appreciating music (singing, playing and moving)
  • performing (taking on roles and creating imagined situations) and appreciating dramatic works
  • composing and appreciating dance.

Art at Holy Spirit Primary St Clair

Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, students engage with the concepts of artists, artworks, the audience and the world. In making they learn how they can investigate the world through selected subject matter (eg people, objects, places and spaces) and work with the forms (eg painting, drawing, digital works) in expressive ways. These investigations of subject matter and the forms are further developed in their appreciation of artists, designers, craftspeople, architects and their works.

Music at Holy Spirit Primary St Clair


Music plays an integral part in the life of Holy Spirit. It enhances the prayer life of the community, is a source of entertainment at events such as school assemblies, discos and end of year functions and provides students with an opportunity for meaningful self-expression.

Students participates in formal music lessons taught by a specialist Music teacher. During Music lessons, students develop knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes in Performing, Organising Sound and Listening by experiencing musical concepts (duration, pitch, dynamics, tone colour, and structure) within a wide range of Repertoire through a sequential and planned process of teaching and learning. Students also have the opportunity to receive string lessons (cello, viola and violin).

Dance at Holy Spirit Primary St Clair


During Dance lessons, students will develop knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes in Performing, Composing and Appreciating by engaging with the elements of dance (action dynamics, time, space, relationships and structure) through a range of contexts within a planned and sequential process of teaching and learning.

Learning to perform, compose and appreciate in dance involves a range of skills that use the dancing body and the elements of dance. Students use the elements in performing, composing and appreciating. With ideas for dance drawn from a range of contexts, they engage with the concepts of dance artists (performers and choreographers), dance works, the audience and the world to develop broader and deeper knowledge, understanding, values and attitudes about dance.

Drama at Holy Spirit Primary St Clair


In Drama, students will develop knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes in making, performing and appreciating by engaging in role, dramatic contexts, elements and forms.

At Holy Spirit students from K-6 participate in lessons that explore many aspects of dramatic experiences, including mime, improvisation and movement. Lessons incorporate specific skill teaching and performance opportunities. Students move from the familiar such as nursery rhymes and traditional stories through to abstract experience in the creation of their work. Students are encouraged to develop and extend their skills both individually and in groups and respond constructively to others.



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