In Mathematics students learn to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding, in a broad range of contexts beyond the mathematics classroom, including core learning areas such as Science, Geography, History, and English.

The aim of Mathematics is for children to:

  • be confident users of mathematics
  • be able to investigate, represent and interpret situations
  • develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of concepts and fluency
  • be able to pose and solve problems
  • be able to reason
  • recognise connections between areas of mathematics and other disciplines
  • appreciate mathematics as an important and relevant part of life
  • demonstrate interest, enjoyment and confidence in using mathematics
  • demonstrate perseverance in undertaking mathematical challenges.

What students learn

Students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding in:

Working Mathematically

Students will develop understanding and fluency through inquiry, exploring and connecting concepts, choosing and applying problem-solving skills and mathematical techniques, communication and reasoning.


Number and Algebra

Students will develop efficient strategies for numerical calculation, recognise patterns, describe relationships and apply algebraic techniques and generalisation.


Measurement and Geometry

Students will identify, visualise and quantify measures and the attributes of shapes and objects, and explore measurement concepts and geometric relationships, applying formulas, strategies and geometric reasoning in the solution of problems.


Statistics and Probability

Students will collect, represent, analyse, interpret and evaluate data, assign and use probabilities, and make sound judgements.

Maths at Holy Spirit Primary St Clair

Children are given the opportunity to investigate, explore and manipulate both concrete materials and abstract ideas through rich, open-ended tasks. The process of their learning is expressed orally, pictorially and symbolically. Visualisation assists the children to problem solve. In Mathematics the children articulate their thinking and reasoning, enabling deeper conceptual understandings. This allows them to learn to apply learning and skills to other areas.

All students at Holy Spirit engage in Mathematics for 60 minutes each day. This consists of:

  • A number warm up;
  • Rich and open-ended tasks (deliberate intent - based on student needs and syllabus)
  • Individual reflection (‘the zone of confusion’)
  • Students working in flexible groups and structures
  • Students articulating and reflecting on their thinking and strategies.

Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU)

EMU is a research-based early numeracy intervention that provides small group teaching for children who need greater assistance in understanding mathematics following their first year of school. It is a daily program delivered by a specialist teacher that engages children in mathematical tasks designed to deepen understanding. It enhances the classroom program and enables children to quickly "catch up" to the average level of their class. EMU builds on the strengths of every child and encourages them to become independent and strategic learners.

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