Science and Technology

Science is of increasing importance and integral to our rapidly changing world.

A student's sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural and made world is fostered through actively embracing new concepts and the unexpected, and by learning through trialling, testing and refining ideas.

The study of science and technology develops the building blocks of inquiry and students’ abilities to solve problems, using evidence and reasoning. Students will participate responsibly in developing innovative ideas and solutions in response to personal, social and environmental issues, contributing to the world as global citizens. They will question and seek solutions to problems through collaboration, investigation, critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

Working Scientifically and Design and Production skills will enable students to enhance inquiry and to manipulate tools and materials to produce solutions to a range of problems.

We have made a significant commitment to the ongoing implementation of information communication and technologies. We encourage 'hands on' experiences, so that our students might explore and develop as independent and effective users of scientific and technological information relevant to their lives. Learning technologies are integrated throughout the curriculum, with students and teachers increasingly using a range of technologies and multimedia to enrich learning and teaching.

Science and Technology at Holy Spirit Primary St Clair

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